Rates and Payment

Editing Rates and Payment Button Rates

All fees are calculated based on the manuscript word count on a per word basis or on an hourly basis, as determined by prior communication with me.

Before you pay anything, you will know how you will be charged.

Generally, I charge on a scale, from .075-.0150 a word*

However, the most common rate is .01 per word. For example, if your manuscript is 83,225 words, your total cost would be $832.25 at $.01 a word.

Your rate will be locked in after I see your work and can properly assess it. This is at no cost to you. (please see Free Sample Edit page for details and also, the Free Consultation page.)


All payments will be made through Paypal.

Full payment is due before the completely edited file (book) will be released back to the author.

Payment plans are available, however 1/3 or 1/2* (which ever is easier) is due up front before I will start edits on your book.

If you need a more extensive payment plan, please discuss this with me before I begin editing your book.

The turnaround time on editing your book varies with length, and my editing schedule.

Please be up front with your deadline. I wouldn’t want your book to be delayed by a miscommunication.


* Please note: If the manuscript requires specialized, more detailed work, the rate of editing can/likely will be higher than .0150 per word.

*Please note, the initial payment is nonrefundable.


My email is ca@caszarek.com.