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“Working with Chrissy was fantastic! She really cut to the heart of my story and polished it to perfection. I also loved how she showed she enjoyed the story while working on it, which made the edits feel fun to work on when I got them! She’s a true professional and I can’t wait to work with her again!”Lauren Smith, award winning, bestselling author of NA, as well as contemporary, historical, erotic, paranormal, and Gothic romance.

“Chrissy Szarek applies a deft hand and a creative eye to the manuscripts she edits. She quickly understands an author’s voice, and rather than try to change it, she strengthens it and draws it out in places where the writing lags. Working with Szarek means that your story is stronger, your characters truer and, in the end, your readers will be happier.”Kimberly Packard, awarding winning author of commercial fiction.

“Chrissy Szarek is a phenomenal editor. My writing has grown so much due to her detailed-eye. Whatever issues you need her to focus on—developmental, characterization, plot, structure—she’s excellent and you can’t go wrong by hiring her. Not only does she point out the areas that need work, she provides suggestions on how to fix/improve it, as well as point out things she loves and things she views as your strengths. She’s direct and honest, which is exactly what a writer needs. I can’t recommend her enough!”Susan Sheehey, award winning author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense.

“Chrissy came through for me in a pinch! Her edits were thorough and her comments tremendously helpful. She’s a pleasure to work with—supportive, responsive and honest. I would absolutely work with her again on future projects.”Felice Fox, bestselling author of contemporary erotic romance.

“Chrissy is fabulous to work with. Prompt, thorough, and knows her stuff. I love getting back a manuscript and learning something new about how I can grow as a writer. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an editor or proofreader.”Krystal Shannan, USA TODAY Bestselling author of paranormal romance.

“Chrissy is a very invested editor and proofreader. She’s not only going to catch the grammar errors, repetitions, or punctuation issues, but I know she’s going to raise a question when it comes up, and not ignore that on-behalf-of-readers perspective that every editor should have. To be able to see the big picture (story) and the little picture (details/grammar). That’s a skill you can’t teach—it’s a gift.”R.L. Syme / Becca Boyd, USA TODAY Bestselling author of historical romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense.