Rogue’s Call

Rogue’s Call (King’s Riders Book Three)


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She’s on the run, but doesn’t know it…

Raised in the security of the king’s castle, Lady Elissa Durroc remembers nothing of the death of her family or how she survived it. As an elemental mage with control over all four elements, her powers are rare. And coveted by dark magic. None darker than the mage who killed her parents.

When the king learns the mage knows Elissa is alive, he orders her to Greenwald under the guise of choosing a husband. Her protection falls to Sir Alasdair Kearney, a knight whose prowess on the battlefield is rivaled only by his appetite for women.

Alasdair’s not sure what to make of being a glorified nursemaid, despite Elissa’s beauty and intriguing magic. The rogue has rules. Rules that don’t involve being tempted by his noble charge.

Elissa is drawn to the knight, even though he’s not on her list of suitors. Can she guard her heart and her magic? And when the dark mage comes after her, will it be too late to matter?



Elissa glared. Of course the knight—her keeper—wouldn’t cooperate. “You have no right to address me as such.”

His frown melted into a scowl, and she saw the tremor in his shoulders as he leaned over her. Trying to scare her. Sir Alasdair was controlling himself, but anger rolled off him in waves.

Well, Elissa had news for him. She wasn’t scared. She was angry, too.

Just as much as him, if not more.

Magic pounded down her limbs. Elissa flexed her hands, kept them at her sides. She wasn’t afraid of hitting him, she was more worried she’d drown him. Her powers were boiling beneath the surface of her skin. Rolling over her in waves, gaining speed and heat, tempting her to give into the sensations and the fury. Let the water free. Fling it at him. She couldn’t give in. Didn’t want to hurt him.

How can I get away?

Desperation clawed at her, like the magic.

She needed to go to Castle Durroc.

“I’m going to my room,” she bit out. “There’s no reason for you to escort me. You’re dismissed.”

“Dismissed?” He roared the word.

“Aye.” She nodded, squared her shoulders and cursed the fact she had to look up at him. Elissa concentrated hard. To push her magic away, as well as mentally reach for an expression of disdain.

She wanted to maintain a countenance like she’d seen her cousin do when displeased. Even the fiercest warrior scrambled out of Queen Morghyn’s way when she was upset. Including King Nathal.

“It seems you’ve made my head ache.” Not a lie. Her powers were making her temples pound.

Sir Alasdair narrowed his eyes, but said nothing. Nor did he move away. His gaze traveled down her body before settling on her face again.

Heat crept into her cheeks. A burn that had little to do with magic.

He was looking at her as if he’d devour her. She didn’t hate the idea, or the passion in his sapphire eyes. However, Elissa wouldn’t give him the pleasure of breaking their eye contact. No matter how uncomfortable he was making her.

I am not weak.

“You will obey me,” he rumbled. “And I shall take you to your rooms.”

“Why? To ensure I enter? What’d you think I’m going to do? Run away?” That was exactly what she planned. Saying it out loud might not be smart, but he’d probably never consider she’d do such a thing.

He didn’t answer her jibe.

“Alas, I need a word.”

They both jumped.

King Nathal had a smile on his face as he approached. Sir Murdoch Fraser was on his heels. Both men looked at her, then at her knight. The king’s face fell. “Is all well?”

“Aye,” Elissa said, praying the word was even. Her heart leapt and she fought the urge to swallow.

The king was the last person she wanted to see, despite her ire with Sir Alasdair. Her anger at King Nathal trumped what she felt regarding her knight. Betrayal tightened her chest even as she met his pale blue eyes.

Sir Alasdair bowed to the king, but she didn’t miss him clearing his throat. “Aye, all is well, Your Majesty. You need to speak with me?”

The king nodded. “Aye. Murdoch, please escort Lady Elissa wherever she wishes, and meet us in the duke’s solar.”

“Aye, Highness.” The big redheaded man nodded and offered Elissa his arm.

She didn’t want to argue, so she returned his smile and tucked her hand into his elbow, not bothering to look over her shoulder to watch King Nathal and her stubborn knight walk away.

Cover Art for Rogue’s Call by Nicole Cadet


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